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Change Log

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Published on Thu May 30 2024.

What's Changed * feat(GB-1998): changing variable name by @ariApril9 in * feat(GB-1229): adding secure cookie by @ariApril9 in

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Published on Thu May 30 2024.

What's Changed * feat(GB-1185): adding httponly and STS header by @ariApril9 in * feat(GB-1227): adding secure cookie by @ariApril9 in

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Published on Mon May 20 2024.

Breaking changes

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Published on Thu Feb 15 2024.

What's Changed * fix(GB-949): expiryDate change for azure blobSAS by @swkyyme in * feat(GB-1156): adding azure identity and fixing security issue that e… by @ariApril9 in

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Published on Thu Jan 11 2024.

What's Changed * [GB-658] Include command for default switch case by @jsantias in * fix(GB-953): allow upload .zip file attachment type. by @BernieChen-a9 in * feat(GB-968): hiding db colunms from error message by @ariApril9 in

New Contributors * @BernieChen-a9 made their first contribution in

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Published on Fri Dec 08 2023.

What's Changed * feat(S9-1076): adding azure manage identity by @ariApril9 in * feat(PR-662): fixing regex to accept all special character by @ariApril9 in * Release/3.16.0 by @ariApril9 in

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Published on Fri Oct 13 2023.

  • Fixes invalid import after upgrading stack9-sdk.


Published on Wed Oct 04 2023.

What's Changed - Prevent to not leak sensitive fields, this feature enables the ability to flag any field type as sensitive which excludes the field from any external query result (security update) * feat(S9-623): added sensitive type option by @allanclempe in * Release/3.15.1 by @allanclempe in

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Published on Wed Sep 13 2023.

What's Changed * feat(EA-2165): priority queue by @pedroleung in * feat(queue): type by @pedroleung in * Release/3.15.0 by @pedroleung in

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Published on Tue Jul 18 2023.

What's Changed * feat(swagger): attachment and comment by @pedroleung in * feat(search): totalPages by @pedroleung in * Release/3.14.0 by @pedroleung in

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Published on Mon Jul 17 2023.

[deprecated] Use 3.14.2 instead

@pedroleung: That was a problem when I created this release, which messed up the tag.


Published on Tue Jun 13 2023.

What's Changed * LPR-17 change reset password issue ' by @darkhaa-april9 in * Release/3.13.1 by @darkhaa-april9 in

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Published on Tue May 30 2023.

What's Changed * setting a version to avoid errors by @ariApril9 in * fix: localstack using latest version by @allanclempe in * Fix/implement tries for license checker by @allanclempe in * fix(license): random minutes by @pedroleung in * Lpr 17 add password strategy on core by @darkhaa-april9 in * LPR-132 Core Feature toggle for password auth strategy by @darkhaa-april9 in * LPR-17 fix sqsService syntax error by @darkhaa-april9 in * Release/3.13.0 by @allanclempe in

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Published on Tue Mar 07 2023.

What's Changed * build(deps): bump json5 from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 in /client/custom-ui-component by @dependabot in * build(deps): bump http-cache-semantics from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 in /server by @dependabot in * build(deps): bump @sideway/formula from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 in /server by @dependabot in * LD-3600 allow zip file in context by @darkhaa-april9 in * Other possible mimetypes by @darkhaa-april9 in * Release/3.12.0 by @darkhaa-april9 in

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Published on Tue Jan 24 2023.

629 - Fix null authuser exception in workflow service


Published on Mon Jan 23 2023.

What's Changed * fix(GB-953): allow upload .zip file attachment type. by @BernieChen-a9 in

New Contributors * @BernieChen-a9 made their first contribution in

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Published on Fri Jan 06 2023.

What's Changed 619 621 Opening modal right after save shows data updated


Published on Tue Jan 03 2023.

What's Changed 618 - Fix grid schema when dialog is closed


Published on Thu Dec 22 2022.

What's Changed * 611 Added optional startNum param to nextVal method and fix currValue method * Packages updates

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Published on Mon Nov 07 2022.

What's Changed * fix(build): reverted react scripts upgrade in * Feature/s9 842 adding Elasticsearch log in * LD-3316 caching issue by @darkhaa-april9 in * LD-3329 fix caching issue in core in * feature/S9-912-changing-pino-log-destination in * S9-919-fixing-orderby-non-PgDB in * Improve cf script in

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