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Workflow Actions

Actions are connections between steps and/or workflow outcomes.

  • At least two actions are required. One that finalised the

  • from: array of steps where the action can initiate from. use ALL if actions can be initiated from all steps.

  • to: use { "step": "KEY" } to connect to another step. Use { "outcome": 1 } to finalise the workflow. Possible values are 1 for success and 2 for failure.

  • preventUserInteraction: set to true if action should NOT be available in the UI for user selection. Used for when action should be trigger automatically through business logic (from workflow functions or cron jobs).


  "actions": [
      "key": "approve",
      "name": "Approve Record",
      "from": ["ALL"],
      "to": { "outcome": 1 },
      "preventUserInteraction": true
      "key": "reject",
      "name": "Reject record",
      "from": ["ALL"],
      "to": { "outcome": 2 }